Reflections On An Unpleasant Mind

Beauty was never in the eye, but the MIND of the beholder. If you can’t see the majesty in a single act of courage, a quiet word of pained reflection or the fearsome rage of an unbridled heart then I put it to you that your very mind is poisoned, your soul but a pitiful shadow […]

Bullies, Bollocks and Divine Infanticide

This post was actually a response to a discussion raised on the IF Project Facebook page. The IF Project is an endeavour by journalist Jane Lee to,  in a 100 day timeframe, “launch a new magazine to shed light on the SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and HUMANITARIAN challenges of the world.”

I suggest you check out and contribute to the […]


How do I get Twitter/Foursquare/Gowalla feeds onto a Google Map?

Can I get Windows folder/file changes converted to RSS?

How can I update Twitter & Yammer via Msoft Office Communicator?

Ponderings of Collin Van Uden – Answers (with praise) will be published […]

MadMonkey - Be the Monkey you wish to see

It’s awesome. Seriously, the coolest thing I have ever designed (except the doomsday device, but that’s a secret)

Check it out, buy it – share the link around or criticize the bejesus out of it if you must. But you gotta admit – it’s pretty […]

Museum of Modern @rt

The New York Museum of Modern Art (Dept of Architecture and Design) has announced it’s acquisition of the @ symbol, stating on their blog that

‘physical possession of an object as a requirement for an acquisition is no longer necessary’

and that curators have been set free

‘ tag the world and acknowledge things that “cannot be had”’

Although here are several […]

Steve Jobs Cheese Head

You may have seen it. The stunning, (slightly creepy) culinary mad science that is the Steve Jobs Cheese Head. I get the feeling that The Cooks Den site probably got a spike in page visits today, Jobs bless ’em.

Essentially, they’ve provided us with what some Apple fans have no doubt already got set up on a special altar […]

To the 9's

Remember 12:34:56 on the 07/08/09?Then you’ll love this…

09:09:09 on 09/09/09

And get this:

9+9+9+9+9+9 = 545+4 = 9(This works for any multiple of 9 I’m told)

September 9 is the 252nd day of the year2+5+2 = 9

SeptemberThere are 9 letters in ‘September’

Anything else you can […]

The truth of the matter..

A brief insight into the conversations between the Prometheus Ink crew follows: by no means even scratching the surface of what turned out to be a debate about fernery. (Don’t ask me how we got to there.. )


Truth has always been a favourite subject of mine, particularly after a conversation with a friend gave me the […]