AFACT cry foul, iiNet and Pirate Party and I respond

In an article published by the Australian yesterday, in which the Australian Federation against Copyright Theft (AFACT) claimed that ISPs are refusing to negotiate on Copyright (self) regulation, a claim that ISP iiNet – whom AFACT unsuccessfully sued earlier this year – strongly deny in their responding statement, in which the ISP points out;

“The internet industry and copyright holders […]

Internet Filter Recap for the Resurfacing

So, Stephen Conroy’s Australian Mandatory ISP Internet Filter was featured in a Yahoo! news article today, but the comments are limited to 1000 characters. If you’ve been paying attention it’d be pretty clear theres no way that’ll be sufficient for my ramblings, so here’s the full response below:

(Note: if you’d like to leave a comment on the Yahoo […]

Advance Australia CENSORED

I’ve tried a few times now to write this post. It’s about Stephen Conroy’s Mandatory Internet Filter, and I’ll be damned if it hasn’t been difficult not to have it descend into a sledgefest.

Here’s the thing. Conroy is not being honest with you. At all, about anything he’s said regarding the filter. And here’s the latest […]