Facebook Beachbabe scam and the best anti-phishing advice you'll ever get

Cool, I got the current round of Facebook spam on my wall. It’s cool, because now I get to show you folk the one simple thing you can do that will protect you from phishing attacks more than any anti-virus software you’ll ever get.

It uses legacy technology known as ‘eyeballs’ and really isn’t that complicated.

But first […]

Facebook 'Is this you on TV/in this video' Malware and how to remove it

So, a (nameless) friend of mine created a facebook account recently, and like many new users, made the mistake of clicking on a link sent received in her inbox. Easy mistake to make, irritating when it comes to getting rid of the resulting malware that takes up residence on your PC.


With a little assistance from TrendMicro, […]

ISP's are not IUR's

One of the great debates of the internet age is that of ISP responsibility, and it’s one I’ve had beefs with for a while, for a very simple reason, and to demonstrate, I’ll simply expand upon the acronym.

I.S.P = Internet Service Provider

You’ll note that this is not, in fact, I.U.R , or Internet Usage Regulator.

Put simply, […]