Internet Filter Recap for the Resurfacing

So, Stephen Conroy’s¬†Australian¬†Mandatory ISP Internet Filter was featured in a Yahoo! news article today, but the comments are limited to 1000 characters. If you’ve been paying attention it’d be pretty clear theres no way that’ll be sufficient for my ramblings, so here’s the full response below:

(Note: if you’d like to leave a comment on the Yahoo […]

PlanBig - using the Social Web to make your idea happen

An initiative of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, PlanBig is a place for you to get your ‘Big Idea’ started. It’s kind of a crowdsourcing slash community outreach mashup – a concept growing in popularity on today’s social web.

This is something I think Australia has needed for a little while (assuming something similar doesn’t already exist […]

iiNet triumphs over AFACT

What a great day in Australia for truth, freedom, and the ‘not being an idiot’ way.

Those of us (with no lives) who appreciate such things waited with baited breath today for the verdict in the AFACT vs iiNet case from the Federal Court, and I for one was ready to pen some angry words and shout […]