Breaking down Google's new timeline feature for real time search

A little while ago, after a day buried in work stuff, and a night pondering how to make this site ‘fit’ with the online world (when it evolves from being a chaotic dumping ground of sporadically interesting plugins, features, styles, naked code and other such silliness into something more elegant, stylish and with any luck – profitable) I had a thought…

… Knowing the way the web works, it’s quite likely such a beast exists already – and Google have been displaying timelines with News site references for a while now – but clearly my idea is better. That doesn’t mean, however, that Google are resting on their laurels when it comes to tracking what’s going on in the land of the interwebs… […]

On the effect of the Infoverse - a retort

On the social web, and why some folk fear it… […]

PlanBig - using the Social Web to make your idea happen

An initiative of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, PlanBig is a place for you to get your ‘Big Idea’ started. It’s kind of a crowdsourcing slash community outreach mashup – a concept growing in popularity on today’s social web.

This is something I think Australia has needed for a little while (assuming something similar doesn’t already exist […]

Disrepute, Social Media Policy and other headaches

On ‘Disrepute’ and the birth of Social Media confusion (I mean.. Policy)

It’s a big thing in Corporate policy. Even Premier John Brumby conceded the agreement to be signed by principals before the roll out of the Computers in schools program required revision in the face of it’s interpretation as a ‘gag order’.

So what does disrepute mean, and how does it apply to Joe Average employee? […]