Bullies, Bollocks and Divine Infanticide

This post was actually a response to a discussion¬†raised on the IF Project Facebook page. The IF Project is an endeavour by journalist Jane Lee to, ¬†in a 100 day timeframe, “launch a new magazine to shed light on the SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and HUMANITARIAN challenges of the world.”

I suggest you check out and contribute to the […]

A Red Raw ethical dillema

We take red for granted. So how do you explain red to those who can’t see it? The answer could have more importance than you first thought. […]

Me vs Metabolism

An odd post to begin with for what was originally inteded to be a Tech/Philosophy/Social Critique themed blog, but I’m untertaking a crusade.
You see, in over seven years now, I’ve been 61kg – with a little fluctuation each way. Now, I can hear the cries of readers who’ve struggled with weight issues “Don’t complain, I’ve tried […]