Thank you Google... Thank you.

There are certain things that evoke my distant memories of childhood glee. Pocket knives, the smell of burning ant carapace underneath one’s magnifying glass and throwing rocks at stuff come to mind. Oh, and Pacman.

Which happens to be celebrating it’s 30th anniversary today. And Google has gone and created a Doodle to celebrate, as they often […]

Breaking down Google's new timeline feature for real time search

A little while ago, after a day buried in work stuff, and a night pondering how to make this site ‘fit’ with the online world (when it evolves from being a chaotic dumping ground of sporadically interesting plugins, features, styles, naked code and other such silliness into something more elegant, stylish and with any luck – profitable) I had a thought…

… Knowing the way the web works, it’s quite likely such a beast exists already – and Google have been displaying timelines with News site references for a while now – but clearly my idea is better. That doesn’t mean, however, that Google are resting on their laurels when it comes to tracking what’s going on in the land of the interwebs… […]

Internet Filter Recap for the Resurfacing

So, Stephen Conroy’s Australian Mandatory ISP Internet Filter was featured in a Yahoo! news article today, but the comments are limited to 1000 characters. If you’ve been paying attention it’d be pretty clear theres no way that’ll be sufficient for my ramblings, so here’s the full response below:

(Note: if you’d like to leave a comment on the Yahoo […]

Getting Google to Buzz your site using the SGAPI recrawl tool

A nice little tool I tripped over poking my nose over at the Google Code pages – The Recrawl Tool

Over on the Social Graph API pages there’s all sorts of info for developers, the curious enquirer, scriptkiddies (and spam kings) to get their hands on. Check out the Social Graph API FAQ page for more info

So, […]

Youtube releases saftey mode

On the 9th of this month, YouTube enabled a new Parental Control style feature :’Safety mode’

An opt in setting that blocks out undesirable search results. Keep your kiddies safe (or, frustrate the hell out of someone you know goes looking for undesirable videos on YouTube.)

According to YouTube’s blog, the filter also blocks out “newsworthy video that […]

Google brings in 2010 with style.. and a whole lot of cash

Thought I’d keep tabs on Google’s ‘I’m feeling lucky’ page during the tickover into the new decade, and lo and behold, they’d like to wish us all a Happy New Year:

What I thought was a little more.. well… awesome, was this page, courtesy of a Holiday Season email from Google.

The […]

Google Doodle 'Truth' $1.46 ? I don't think so

So I’ve been following the Google Doodle UFO/Abduction/Crop Circle phenomena (See ITWire for the best write up I’ve found so far) and today there’s been a series of comments on assorted sites made directing folks to for ‘The Truth’

image from

Apparently, the Truth comes at a price: US$1.46 to be exact, and it goes […]