Are Employers Really Thinking This Facebook Screening Thing Through?

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A story from Associated Press has been making the rounds this week about employers asking potential employees for their Facebook login credentials during interviews.

If you haven’t already, go read the article.

Iit’s rife with rage inducing nuggets of derpery that have set the privacy pundits ablaze, and for good reason, but there was one snippet in […]

Facebook’s world

It’s quite […]

Facebook Beachbabe scam and the best anti-phishing advice you'll ever get

Cool, I got the current round of Facebook spam on my wall. It’s cool, because now I get to show you folk the one simple thing you can do that will protect you from phishing attacks more than any anti-virus software you’ll ever get.

It uses legacy technology known as ‘eyeballs’ and really isn’t that complicated.

But first […]

Steve Jobs Cheese Head

You may have seen it. The stunning, (slightly creepy) culinary mad science that is the Steve Jobs Cheese Head. I get the feeling that The Cooks Den site probably got a spike in page visits today, Jobs bless ’em.

Essentially, they’ve provided us with what some Apple fans have no doubt already got set up on a special altar […]

Reclaim your facebook status feed

Apparently, Facebook have decided we have too much information in our lives, and have decided the best way to deal with this is to limit the friends that show on our news feeds to 250. How they do this remains a mystery, no doubt involving complicated algorithms, technical jargon, and possible a HUGE wall and multi-fire […]

Facebook 'Is this you on TV/in this video' Malware and how to remove it

So, a (nameless) friend of mine created a facebook account recently, and like many new users, made the mistake of clicking on a link sent received in her inbox. Easy mistake to make, irritating when it comes to getting rid of the resulting malware that takes up residence on your PC.


With a little assistance from TrendMicro, […]

How to: Rid yourself of annoying Facebook applications clogging up your Newsfeed

Alrighty – a friend of mine has been getting a lot of Mafia Wars / Bejewelled rubbish clogging up her Facebook Newsfeed – so here’s a quick summary of how to prevent these apps clogging up your screen and ruining your […]

Disrepute, Social Media Policy and other headaches

On ‘Disrepute’ and the birth of Social Media confusion (I mean.. Policy)

It’s a big thing in Corporate policy. Even Premier John Brumby conceded the agreement to be signed by principals before the roll out of the Computers in schools program required revision in the face of it’s interpretation as a ‘gag order’.

So what does disrepute mean, and how does it apply to Joe Average employee? […]

Social Media Poll – What social media tool do you find most useful in the workplace?

There seems to be a stronger push in the corporate environment for the use of social media, both for information sharing amongst employees, and as a tool to connect with existing and potential customers.

Does your workplace utilize social media? Do you think it’s useful, or useless? Does your workplace have a policy in place to control […]

To blog or not to blog… What was the question?

I’m a fan of blogging – here’s why. How do you communicate in the online world? […]