Predator Trailer now available on IGN

Oh. Hell. Yeah.

More Predators News […]

Steve Jobs Cheese Head

You may have seen it. The stunning, (slightly creepy)┬áculinary┬ámad science that is the Steve Jobs Cheese Head. I get the feeling that The Cooks Den site probably got a spike in page visits today, Jobs bless ’em.

Essentially, they’ve provided us with what some Apple fans have no doubt already got set up on a special altar […]

The Tweet is mightier than the sword... or a small nuclear device

Rove McManus – Australian icon and Gen Y favourite, just told more than 75, 745 people that Foxtel’s phone service sucks. (In capitals, with multiple explanation marks no less.) And that’s not counting retweets to come.

Business be warned – one miffed celebrity on twitter can reach more customers and have more impact than all of your […]

Too much Australia?

OK. So, I understand that Kyle Sandilands is.. Well, a bit of a tool. However…

1: Did he come up with the segment idea, or was he just doing his job?

2: Where’s the mum’s ownership, given she dragged the kid on the show… And according to the transcript, knew the answer.

3: Of couse he asked: ‘Is that […]