Tonight they cavort, til morning sing

Infernal nocturnal cacophonic din

Chirruping, whirruping, frivolous crowd

All night long and all night loud

Foes of silence, thieves of sleep

Creaking, croaking, […]

Team Dystopia

‘Times of panic have long driven countries to mortgage civil liberties for a broader sense of security.’

Nicely worded.

The one great solace any democratic nation can take in a world that has and always will be shrouded in war, and death, and the threat of persecution, is that within their own borders, on their soil, the […]


A thousand quiet nightmares
Flutter in the dark
Unmercifully unshed tears
Glitter on my heart
A thousand faded memories
Like stars behind the moon
Do you hear the whispers too?
Like sixteen butterflies in swoon?
Do you wonder, as I do
What truth’s beyond the fold?
The questions beg for asking
That the answers may […]


I didn’t just stare into the abyss.

I leapt into its hateful bloody maw, opened my soul to the seething, whirling maelstrom, drinking down the madness whilst the monsters wept and clawed with twisted unseen hands, kicked with cloven hoof at the shining nightmares, the terrifying mercies that lurk ravenous and enduring within the shadows cast between […]

Seldon Crisis Alert: Human Rights

That the human rights movement did not gain a lasting political foothold is one of the greatest and consequential failings of our epoch.

And with the great secular minds of our generation focused on the technology, environment and greater universe surrounding us, rather than the philosophical minefield of morality within, I hold no great hope for […]


It’s midnight and the rain is falling
And I can’t sleep for thinking
It’s been six long months since I heard your angel voice

I wonder if the rain is falling
From the midnight sky looking down on you
Wonder if you thought of me today
And wonder mostly if I had any other choice

And if I get to sleep tonight
I know […]

The other side of loneliness

“Loneliness is to endure the presence of one who does not understand.” – Elbert Hubbard

This is the quote today on the Collins desktop calendar, and I gotta say, this Collin thinks that Elbert was onto something.

I guess the thing is, (and I don’t know that this is a widely appreciated point of view – particularly for […]

Gingerbread Man

They chase you in the shadows, memories.

They chase you, and whether you stand and fight or run like the devil’s on your heels you change them, you make them in to something else.

You change them and you only ever make them better at […]

Suffer The Monster To Spare The Man

I crawled into your skin last night
Ate your rage in the darkened chill
Bathed in a sea of unshed tears
Swallowed your screams
Drank your poison like milk
Bled while you slept
While you felt nothing
So you could […]

Knowledge. Power. Freedom. (and other self indulgent fictions)

The Declaration of Internet Freedom

Is it a feckless display of entitlement from the privileged class that inhabit a realm of ideals beyond those to whom they grant no regard? Of course it is.

Will it achieve anything useful? Who knows.

Is it worth signing? Damn straight.

Knowledge was never power.

The freedom to seek, obtain, and to share […]

Reflections On An Unpleasant Mind

Beauty was never in the eye, but the MIND of the beholder. If you can’t see the majesty in a single act of courage, a quiet word of pained reflection or the fearsome rage of an unbridled heart then I put it to you that your very mind is poisoned, your soul but a pitiful shadow […]

It rhymes awfully better than #ozlog

1981, 81, 81 We’ll have an awful lot of fun with HR1981

Taken to it’s dark conclusion it’s a permanent intrusion (no of COURSE we won’t misuse it) but it’s not like we’re imposing on your right to own a gun

We’re protecting all the children by assuming you’re a crook (in another year or two we’ll catalogue […]

I am (Part 1)

I know, right?

I am the wind that whispers
Carrying voices long dead upon my wings
I am the silence of the moon reflected
From the surface of countless pools
My gentle touch pierces their their depths without trace
Without disturbance
I am the shelter and the storm
The rain, the shine
The seeing and the seen
I am the eagle soaring
And the prey on which […]

Madness Descends

Said the cat to little Alice
“We’re all mad here!” 
Said Alice to that grinning beast
“Madness I don’t fear.”
Said I to the madness
“Just leave me alone!”
The Madness spake so: 
“Never while you’re flesh and bone“
“There’s a method to the mayhem?” 
Says the puppet to the string
The string says naught, 
Not a word, not a thing
“The end is nigh!” 
Says the prophet […]

I AM – Part Two

I am elation
I am sorrow
I am yesterdays tomorrow
I am the golden sunshine
And the driving rain
I am the balm for your wounds
And the cause of your pain

I am the storm
I am the calm before
I am the tempest and the wreck ashore
Like a force of nature I’m the rising din
The very breath of Hades hot against your skin

I’m […]

Dots and Lines ptII


A web of a kind, but it’s weaved of goop. And some of that goop is INVISIBLE.

I get all bemusedly sucked in is the way people connect.

In order to explain how we connect, we seem to consistently […]


It’s been a while since this was posted to it’s original location, which I’ve essentially abandoned, so putting it up here for posterity..

A story, I would tell you
If I may be so bold
Forgive the teller would you
It’s rather long – and old

A tale it is, of Kings and Queens
Of thieves and beggars too
Knights and […]

Starlight, Starbright

The night is thick, that darkness not banished by streaks of fluorescence from scattered streetlights whole.

The light brings no comfort, serving only to strengthen that already claimed by shadow.

The night is heavy, pregnant with the fears of those that dare traverse her, a fecundity that beckons to those who would inhabit her.

The dark breathes, promising […]

A Waltz of Words

Said the parrot to the king
All the Highness quoth before
Pleaded the parrots keeper
“Tell me more, tell me more”

So told the father to the son
“Boy, you’ll make me proud”
Asked the child of his mother dear
“Why does daddy talk so loud?”

“Well I never saw this coming”
Cried the martyr to the flame
“Never thought I’d be the one
To suffer for […]

Etymological Rabbit Holes FTW

There’s a slight “not safe for work” warning attached to this. Unless you’re a gyneacologist I suppose.

Ten points if you can figure out how this is related to the concept of Liminality, and (believe it or not) […]