People, not ‘puters, screw shit up.

Found this:

[..]This simple decision, taken by a computer scientist used to working in environments that promoted openness and transparency, eclipses any hype about subsequent Twitter revolutions, Facebook campaigns or political protests ascribed to the platform since. The invention of the web is comparable to Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in 1450.

Like the printing press, the […]

The Internet Isn’t Eating Your Family Values

“But but but,” I hear you protest, “what about the children? They’re learning bad things online!” Yes and they used to hang out on street corners and learn bad things there too. Now that we’re so scared of one another in real-life that we won’t pop next door for a cup of sugar in case the […]

Facebook’s world

It’s quite […]

Facebook Beachbabe scam and the best anti-phishing advice you'll ever get

Cool, I got the current round of Facebook spam on my wall. It’s cool, because now I get to show you folk the one simple thing you can do that will protect you from phishing attacks more than any anti-virus software you’ll ever get.

It uses legacy technology known as ‘eyeballs’ and really isn’t that complicated.

But first […]

Desiring Photos

I had to push a photo taken on my HTC Desire to my Laptop today, and got a little stuck. After connecting, it wasn’t immediately apparent which folder contained the photos.

A quick Google search sorted it out (not to mention the Pacman awesomosity) but I think this is something HTC could have done a whole lot […]

Thank you Google... Thank you.

There are certain things that evoke my distant memories of childhood glee. Pocket knives, the smell of burning ant carapace underneath one’s magnifying glass and throwing rocks at stuff come to mind. Oh, and Pacman.

Which happens to be celebrating it’s 30th anniversary today. And Google has gone and created a Doodle to celebrate, as they often […]

Add printer via user input

Nothing special here, just a quick little .vbs script that makes it easy for your users to hook up to a shared printer using Windows […]

Youtube releases saftey mode

On the 9th of this month, YouTube enabled a new Parental Control style feature :’Safety mode’

An opt in setting that blocks out undesirable search results. Keep your kiddies safe (or, frustrate the hell out of someone you know goes looking for undesirable videos on YouTube.)

According to YouTube’s blog, the filter also blocks out “newsworthy video that […]

iiNet triumphs over AFACT

What a great day in Australia for truth, freedom, and the ‘not being an idiot’ way.

Those of us (with no lives) who appreciate such things waited with baited breath today for the verdict in the AFACT vs iiNet case from the Federal Court, and I for one was ready to pen some angry words and shout […]

Aussies trendless in Twitter

Well, I’m only a few days behind Mashable on this one, so I thought I’d post it out anyway

Twitter has enabled local trends for all Twitter accounts but Australia is noticeably missing from the list of countries.

Local trends for the globe, but Oz misses out so far..

Now, I didn’t expect humble little Ballarat to appear […]

Advance Australia CENSORED

I’ve tried a few times now to write this post. It’s about Stephen Conroy’s Mandatory Internet Filter, and I’ll be damned if it hasn’t been difficult not to have it descend into a sledgefest.

Here’s the thing. Conroy is not being honest with you. At all, about anything he’s said regarding the filter. And here’s the latest […]