Remember whatnow?

“Remember remember the fifth of November!”
But you seem to’ve already forgot.
Plot if you must, just ‘ware who you trust
’twas a snitch that got ’em […]

The Quantum of Solace – Riding the Spectrum of Love and Loss

 Hi there internet. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Apparently I’m trying this whole ‘put a bunch of scattered ideas and notions into something resembling coherency’ thing again and here’s what came out first. Enjoy. Or don’t. It’s your screentime douchebag – do what you want with it.


The opposite of love has never been hate.

Once upon […]

Welcome to the neighbourhood.

The thoughts flit, a thousand fireflies dancing enswarmed above a fecund swamp of imagination, thick with the gurgle and chirp of ideas and haunted (always haunted) with predatorial doubts of self.

But life lives.

A caretaker, a parallel stream of consciousness born of the rift between breakdown and the onslaught of real and imagined profundities amidst the insipid […]

The moral of the story – A Valentine’s Day ditty

Note: I’ll be a little quiet for a while, whilst I’m without connectivity to the outside world (and today particularly, drowning my sorrows. ; _ ;)

Romeo and Juliet enjoyed a brief romance

It ended somewhat tragically, when she fell into trance

Romeo had thought her dead and took his own young life

Spilled out all his blood in the […]


“Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person  to die.”

I’d not heard this before, but I love it.

Of course, you could point out that it’s only applicable if you don’t address the grudge but hey – who am I to critique bathroom […]

Copyright law is dumb

So, who owns the copyright if you use a timer, or if more than one person pushes the button, or if the dog accidentally takes a snapshot of your balls? (What? It […]

You, Me, Us, This.

RT @tealou: New Blog Post on On “negativity” and “overshare”.

Go read that first. My tripe could easily put you off, so don’t go wasting time on my rot if yours is scarce.

Righto, done? Good stuff, now, as I was saying..

I have this weird aesthetic, and get a brain-nourishing sense of satisfaction at […]


Kierkegaard distanced himself from his texts by a variety of devices
which served to problematize the authorial voice for the reader. He
used pseudonyms in many of his works (both overtly aesthetic ones and
overtly religious ones). He partitioned the texts into prefaces,
forewords, interludes, postscripts, appendices. He assigned the
“authorship” of parts of texts to different pseudonyms, and invented
further pseudonyms […]

Google brings in 2010 with style.. and a whole lot of cash

Thought I’d keep tabs on Google’s ‘I’m feeling lucky’ page during the tickover into the new decade, and lo and behold, they’d like to wish us all a Happy New Year:

What I thought was a little more.. well… awesome, was this page, courtesy of a Holiday Season email from Google.

The […]