I am Wrath, I am Ruin
I am Spite’s own wicked grin

I am Mercy, tender-hearted
Leeching thee of all thy sin

Let me cleave, parasitic
To your practical address

When you leave, all aquiver
It’s with your logic in a mess

Allow me now to swallow down
Each bitter point of pride

Euphoric with abandon
I’ll devour you inside

Feel me burrow like a graveworm
Into every burdened […]


The reasoned mind remains so at a whim, reason itself perched upon a treacherous mountain of sand, it’s comfort an untruth, a security bought at the cost of instinct, of a myriad of conveniently manipulated falsehoods.

The seeds of madness are not sown in carefully cultivated fields of righteous order as our epoch has come to believe, […]

Awakening The Quandary

Huddled, ensconced, in contemplative woe
We query, we question, to wither we shall go
A movement, an uttering, a sudden prick of skin
Alerts us we’ve succumbed to the void that lies within
Haggard, and hazy, we raise our weary eyes
Epiphany a rarity, so often in disguise
A kenning, a surety, a truth we should have known
Hindsight’s 20/20 (or so the […]